Friday, January 15, 2010

Cold Weather Commuting

That's me with my trusty Bike Friday New World Tourist. Love the bike. Love riding. It's the fastest, most pleasant way to get around the city. My commute by bike, door to door is 12 minutes. Subway is 20 - 25. Walking about 45.

One certainly can't let winter weather get in the way.

I've got the body covered with my Assos Fugu jacket. With just a cheap long sleeve duofold shirt it's great to about 16 degrees. It feels a little boxy off the bike, but as soon as you're riding, it fits like a glove. Expensive, but well worth it.

My real problem has always been my hands. Especially on a short commute when I don't have time to generate body heat.

Most recently, I've been using Pearl Izumi Inferno Gloves. They're ok, but sub 20 degress, they don't do it, particularly since I like riding the hoods where I'm right up against cold metal.

Last year, my wife made a wonderful discovery....

Moose Mitts!!!! They velcro on over the handlebards. You stick your hands in when you ride.

This year, AMF Threadworks designed a set that fit on drop bars. Two weeks ago my set arrived!!!

Last week we were consistantly 20 degress or below in the mornings, I used these $10 hytrel gloves from campmor:

Along with my new moose mitts:

They were terrifice. My hands stayed wram and I have the benefit of being able to regulate temperature by pulling my hands up to the cross bar or out entirely.

If you ride in the cold, check out Moose Mitts!!!!


  1. New York City has become much more bike-friendly over the past few years. Here's an awesome map of every official bike route in the city. The "greenways" are by far the best, as they are physically separated from traffic by a parking lane and cement.

  2. It's more bike friendly now, but it was probably better when I was in high school since there was less traffic.

    That said, it's still the best way to get around.